After completing a double degree in Psychology and French at Otago University, I worked for NZAID, the Government's development agency.  I then completed my post-graduate graphic design diploma.  I have over 10 years of graphic design experience, a combination of full-time inhouse graphic designer roles, and freelance work.

Since 2004 I have curated, designed and published The Kiwi Diary with a crew of friends, a highly rewarding project intended to inspire and inform readers, while building a sense of pride in, and connection with Aotearoa.

The word "Esho" is a Buddhist term referring to people and nature being, "two indivisible entities of the same whole." I love this concept and think that it touches at the heart of a way of living in line with our full potential. This word jumped out at me from the pages of "Toynbee and Ikeda" - as I leafed through it in a secondhand book store. I bought the book, and it now resides with many books in my bookshelf that I hope to finish reading on that next rainy day.